Friday, July 17, 2015

5QFriday - Expectant Mommy Q&A!

My friend Brittny is one-of-a-kind. Truly. Hilarious - outgoing - thoughtful - hilarious - did I mention hilarious?! She cracks me up more than anyone else, and since she lives in DC, our in-person laughing sessions are few and far between. 
Brit and I bachelorette party-ing it up back in the day!
Thankfully, this weekend we are getting together! It's my annual Summer Girls' Weekend at our friend Leslie's family's house in Margate, NJ. One of my favorite traditions, everyone comes with their spouses, kids, and this year - the bun in Brit's oven!! That's right, a little baby Brit is on the way - watch out world... So in honor of her pregnancy and the soon-to-be newest member of our group's second generation, here are Brit's answers to my 5Qs...

1)      What part of having a baby are you most excited about?  
I cannot wait to see what amazing cocktail my husband and I have created… AND to have an actual cocktail (I dream of mojitos)! The notion that there is going to be a little being infused with both of our crazy personalities keeps me up at night with excitement, and (admittedly) a little fear for her toddler and teenage years. The thought of constant entertainment thrills me to no end. I can’t wait to feel that instantaneous love and all that will ensue as she grows.
A month after marriage, we fell into the typical cliché and adopted a 7 year old golden retriever from my mother-in-law. Never having grown up with a doggy, I had no idea what to expect. We’re obsessed. The unconditional love, the pull to leave work/a party/a baseball game ANYTHING because you just want to be with that little furry pup and the fact that she made us a “family” and not simply a couple has changed our lives. I cannot even begin to imagine that I’ll soon be feeling these same emotions (quite a bit stronger, I’m sure!) for a little piece of us that I’ve been carrying for the past 9 months. It’s going to be a special thing. 😊

2)     What makes you the most nervous to think about?
The fact that I may be a little naive as to how hard parenting actually is—ok, very naïve. Growing up I was pretty much a professional babysitter. I spent 75% of my teenage years bring grounded so I figured I might as well get paid for it and learn some “life skills” along the way. I would wrangle a family of 4 kids with ease—loading up the Suburban and carting them to hockey/tennis/out for fro yo like a mini Mama. I felt a true satisfaction after they were all snuggled in their beds at the end of a long day.  So just ONE is going to be nooooooo problem—right?! Wrong. I am confident that I will soon find out otherwise. I do not have that 16 year old energy, the carelessness of thinking that 2 packs of Gushers wont really hurt in the long run, a full-time job, a mortgage….shall I go on? I’m in for a rude awakening.

I’m also worried about juggling work with the baby— things like firming up the “routine” and hoping that returning to reality in January isn’t going to be hellacious. I’m super organized and very on top of things at work and oddly let personal matters (“bills? what bills?!”) go by the wayside on the home front. Fortunately, my husband is amazing and keeps me in check. I realize that I have to apply the same rigor and organization and planning to my family’s personal life that I do to my professional life. Translation: time to grow up. 

3)     What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while pregnant?  
I work in the only building in Washington, DC that employs full-time elevator operators. There is one in particular—a little spitfire—that I have grown especially fond of. We batner, and it was going well… until I got pregnant. She has become my daily “self-check”  mirror each time I board that elevator. I struggled initially with “dressing the bump”—really wanting to steer clear of Pea in the Pod’s finest empire waist dresses which tended to dwarf my petite (at the time) frame. So—I creatively thought I would try to squeeeeze my way into my pre-preg frocks… well, not so much. As the belly grew, my hemlines lifted and my once work appropriate dresses got a little… scandalous. It may or may not have looked like the bump and I were headed to “da club” and not "da office." One day I was wearing a particularly form-fitting dress and my personal mirror and devil on my shoulder (aka. Ms. Elevator Operator) bluntly advised me to “start wearing maternity dresses.” “This is one!” I giggled (blatantly lying through my teeth) while trying to simultaneously pull down my northbound hemline. She looked me up, down then dead in the eyes while shaking her head:  “No… no, it’s not.” Lesson learned.

4)     We all know people offer their unsolicited advice when you're knocked up - What has been the BEST advice you have gotten from a mom so far? 
So true. I also think that some people get a personal thrill and satisfaction in regaling you with their horror stories.  (“Oh, but that won’t happen to YOU….” ) I’m honestly pretty open to advice (from people that I trust and love) as I feel that prior to getting pregs, I really glazed over the baby talk until it actually applied to me. Ahem, earmuffs to my amazing friends who now think that I blocked out the past 5+ years of convos—that wasn’t the case, I swear... ;) Bring on the good tips….I need em’! I've been fortunate enough to have a parade of friends who are Mommy role models to me. 

International Supermom Leslie “How does she do it?” Meunier (another 5QFriday contributor) advised us to get out and about while we can (first 6 months) before baby gets on a strict schedule. Many others have told us that your life does not have to stop when baby comes. Take them out, travel with them… I’m game! We have a bevy of bars and restaurants literally around the corner from our house—city living!—I don’t want to be a prisoner in my home when baby arrives. Baby in a bar anyone?

5)     What advice do you have for other pregnant women?
It goes by quickly—as does everything. OK, I am lying a bit. The first trimester can seem to be a never-ending haze of napping and comfort food but then it starts to fly. Be good to yourself—sleep when you want to sleep, eat when you want to eat and practice lots of “self-care.” That little lovie is relying on you to be good to your body.  If this is your first, enjoy the precious time with your mate/husband. Despite your hormones, remember that you’re a team. He's part of what got you into this predicament in the first place! If you’re sweet to him (“paws, not claws,” mine is constantly reminding me) he will be sweet right on back to you. You’re in this together although many times it may feel like the burden is yours alone. It is not. I found that when I am active (walking, spinning, pilates...whatever your poison) I feel better. When attempting to shave your legs without toppling over is the first of many hurdles you’re going to encounter all day, try your hardest to remember—being pregnant and growing this special little life is an absolute gift. It’s the ultimate gift that will keep on giving and I’m looking forward to meeting mine at the end of August.  (Lesley's Note - I've always been eager to meet every single child my friends have had - but this one? For some reason, I can. Not WAIT. To see what Brit and DJ have created :) LOVE YOU GIRLLLLLLLL!)

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